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A day shooting at Glenbarrow Waterfall

The Slieve Bloom mountains undoubtedly bring some of the best of Irish nature for anyone to enjoy, in particular, a popular place for photographers like me who like to photograph water. With its river calm in the summer and low waters it is the ideal place to shoot. Being able to get down to the river bed and photograph from places you normally could not during other times of the year is a real bonus.

Glenbarrow WaterfallToday I traveled to the Glenbarrow Waterfall with almost perfect conditions for shooting. I was able to get right into the middle of the river without getting wet and get some shots of the calm water running beneath the trees that shade the forest.

As I moved further up the river to the Glenbarrow Waterfall, with the low waters, I was able to climb down and position myself right in front of the falls.  There was some debris like tree branches on the river bed that made for a very nice foreground, along with some of the bed rock with was high out of the water due to the low levels.

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