Join Us and Sell Your Photos Worldwide

You are on this page because we reached out to you on Instagram, Facebook or another social media platform. But why?

Photograph Ireland is a startup, and the aim is to try and help photographers like yourself earn money from your photos that you put so much effort into taking.  We want to get a number of landscape photographers on board and grow with us as a community.

Howth Lighthouse Canvas Print

How Does it Work?

Canvas Print Glenbarrow Falls

It’s actually very easy, so easy that the only thing you have to do is upload your photos to our platform.  Here is a quick breakdown of how it works:

There are 2 ways to get paid, either link your Stripe account for automatic payments, or by bank transfer to your nominated bank account. 

How Much Will I Make?

Photographers will receive a 20% commission for every item sold.  Your commission is transferred to your Stripe account or directly to your bank account once a week. As we grow, we hope to increase the commission rates over time. 

When we sell a photo, we pay the production and shipping costs to our partnering print labs located around the world and we take a small admin fee which goes directly back into for continued updates and marketing (so we can bring even more buyers to the website).

Want to be part of something great?

Join us at the start of our journey to help photographers like you earn money from your photos. We want you to grow with us from the foundation up.