Your dashboard is the heart of your account. Here you can add new photos, check sales, see how much commission you are owed and get paid.

On this page we will go over some of the dashboard features, from adding new photos to getting your store page set up and few other things to get you up and running quickly.

Setting Up Your Store Front

The first thing we recommend doing is setting up your storefront. Your storefront is like you own space where buyers can see your work. You can customise your storefront with a banner image, a logo (or profile picture), your name or business name and a description.

To add a banner image, click the ‘Upload Cover Picture’ button. You can choose to upload a new image or use an image already in your gallery.

TIP: use the ‘My Shop’ link at the top of the page to visit your shop and see how it looks after updating.

When you are happy with your images, you can scroll down to the next section where you can add your name or business name, set your shop URL and include a description to be shown to buyers who visit your store or images.

TIP: Think carefully about your shop URL. It’s not a great idea to change this once its set. If you do change it again in the future, send us a message with the old and new URL and we will set up redirects to make sure anyone using the old one will be sent to the new one.

Next step is to add your contact information and social profiles.

Your contact info won’t be shown on the store front, this is kept for internal use only. Other than your email address, the other fields are not mandatory but helpful if we need to contact you about your account.

Your social links will be shown. Shop visitors will be able to click on your social links and check out your social profiles like your Facebook page, Instagram, Pinterest etc.

Setting Up Billing

In order to get paid your commission on sales, you first need to tell us how you want to get paid.

You have 2 options for getting paid. You can either link a Stripe account or enter your bank account details. If you want to use Stripe, but don’t have a Stripe account, you can quickly set one up from within your dashboard on the Billing page.

Connecting your Stripe account

To connect your Stripe account, go to Store Settings > Billing and choose ‘Stripe Connect’ from the payment options. A button will appear ‘Connect with Stripe’. Click this button.

If you already have a stripe account simply sign in and and click the ‘Connect my Stripe account’ button on the following page. Once connected, you will be redirected back to the billing page in your dashboard and the button on the billing page will change to read ‘Disconnect Stripe Account’.

If you don’t already have a Stripe account and would like to accept payments through Stripe, on the Stripe sing-in page, simply click the ‘Sign Up’ link at the bottom of the page. Once you have registered and connected your account on Stripe, you will be returned to the billing page ready to receive your commission payments through Stripe.

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