To add a new photo to your store, go to the Add New Photo page by clicking the link in the menu.

There are 3 bits of information that must be provided with each photo that you add.

  1. The photo itself, in high-resolution. (recommended 300dpi or higher)
  2. A Title for the photo. Usually the place the photo was taken.
  3. A County/Category. This will be the county the photo was taken in.

Optional fields are the description and property release. We highly recommend giving your photo a description, which will not only help it stand out to buyers, but also helps with SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

Property Release

In some cases, a property release may be required to use a photo for commercial purposes which includes selling the image as wall art.

If you have a property release, click the tab under the property release option to reveal the upload field where you can upload the signed property release attached to the photo.

Once you have added your photo, it will be checked by us to ensure it meets our quality standards (correct dpi, size, sensors stains etc). After the quality check it will be published on the website. Your published photos can be viewed by clicking on the My Photos menu item in your dashboard.

In the unlikely event we find an issue with a photo you added, we will email to let you know, and the reasons for the issues.